hello everyone who would like to
talk to my Privates 

either write yourself, or wait about a week, meanwhile feast them Peepers on my Baked beans and Tangy custard

meet a voyeur! who likes to sneak a peek at Straights? when they Piss, Wash, Change, Frame their heifers with bulging bumps in Sportswear — i’m looking for Like-Minded Persons — to discuss all this — write in a Persona

bored with Porn, i went to the hairdresser and asked them if they could shape my hair in a way that would make my head look more like a Hamburger. that’s where i feel like my head’s at. they showed me a Guido Palau pamphlet and said ‘Good luck with That’ as they undid the hair cape and set their comb aside. Snooted Bitchery.

later on, i found a Surgeon who transplanted my life with an Experimental Procedure. do not Worry, it doesn’t Bother me, i will accept you by anyone. i love Thin people, FUCK any as they say

i’m Fantasizing about us in a Chalet in Switzerland where we’re us but Not; we’ve Pixelated into Primal versions, loose in Confinement, slack in a Blond countryside

every eye, Tie and suspender takes a knee in Fealty to us.

when I look at the sun i see Dicks

when I look at the Sidewalk i see Dicks

when I look at you i see a Dick

hmmmmm, nass. frictionless Social Experiences

your Avatar confused me, then you Abused me

yes man — KKK — it is not worth all this work to see a Fascist Porno! now they are knocking in my doors

well I just wanted to Jerk Off) but I clean the dialogs:

Coyote — 狻猊

Ball Slave 2.7

Big Picture x4

canineization, canineization,

Rush Rush!

a man was so honestly tied up — lying on the ground to learn the dog Peeing, it is no longer clear whether he is a man or a dog, because everything is so natural…

Digitally empowered, who merges together? what a good Dick … i have a Straight Life, but I have a fetish for more Cocks Secretly Alone … someone the same?  are there guys with Big Bangs (18 cm and above) who want to be added to the Group? Ask in Private by adding a photo

rotten teeth and gums.  flabby arms.  Young guys write who wants to get the First Sticky Experience and possibly a relationship. what wonderful Member. remove any Barriers to Shopping for Skin: always

my Phone is smarter and worth more than both of us melted down

hello, i’m looking for some Rude Dominant Cuban who likes sado

Cubans there are… but Rude


who loves Brutal, Impudent, rude NATURALS??  who walks with their feet in the Wreck, spit and swear?  i love to Spy on them Secretly. imperceptibly in a crush on the Subway to touch the Tubercle (so that they do not Understand) — to spy on how they cast, change their clothes. who is it that turns on? who is really concerned about this?

i am looking for a Like-Minded Person — write in a Persona

cool light Radiation throughout within the Machine sighs Indifference. as i stand mouthdewdrops falling on a rough blanket wheelchair lap i want to wash my hands, feel the frequencies holding still. i begin to Want to put that smooth, heavy Steel Cock in my mouth and induct its Bloodbath into my Crapped Out head. i want to do this for my own dignity as my shoes slither up and down the aisles cribbing food supplied by Life-Juicers, the young Live Livers with Plastic flowing from their Daddies into their own Personal veins.

looking for a Like-Minded Personality — type in my Emm Ess Elles n click clack a Persona for my Geolocation, Dawg

kids today will grow up never Knowing a day when they Couldn’t talk to their houses — Young guys Write who want to get their First Experience — Mannequins set up with Beacons blurting Ads at passers-Bi

Wands and Buttons

tap a Contact Card against the Ess Elles for Geolocation

Digital Power Points of Purpose

Wifi Beacons

Beacons Everywhere: Integrated into the hairline: Scan an App to gain Entry, you must be this Cue Are Code to ride this bride

Is there anyone here from Baku? Azerbaijan

this is the most frictive part of the Journey, the frightful face to face which is why we go Straight to the Great Below

Go jerk off, I have no one ((

D’urban Moffer works under the influence of The Vast Indifference who orchestrates on WordPress and makes it/its appearance as curator on four (4) social-media graveyards.  It/Its various written and visual projects have been featured on: Soft Cartel, Back Patio, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Daily Dope Fiend, Terror House, ExPat, Joyless House, Surfaces, Misery Tourism, SCAB and Burning House.

*Image credit: Bruce Nauman, ‘Andrew Head / Andrew Head Reversed, Nose to Nose’, 1990.