If the content published here resonates with you, don’t hesitate to submit. Keep in mind, SELFFUCK is theatrical, inexplicable, confessional, and devoted to the exploration of the individual. This is about mystery. Take ideological dogmatism, prejudice, bigotry, and general weakness of character elsewhere.

SELFFUCK is edited by Evan Isoline. Send submissions for the online magazine to One submission at a time. With poetry, no more than 5 poems of up to 1000 words. With fiction, non-fiction, theory-fiction, plays, interviews, criticism, non-language, glossolalia, apocrypha, anti-genre, hyper-genre, experimental, hybrid, avant-garde, etc. submit no more than 2000 words.

Only submit previously unpublished work, simultaneous submissions are fine, but if accepted elsewhere please notify the editor.

Submissions for chapbooks are currently closed.