Don’t worry about me / down here / I am milking maggots / for fly wine with my feet / I am laughing wildly and lacquered in gold leaf / or piss streams, hissing tributaries / When hell strikes high noon / I am singing your praises / My voice is full and rising still / I was too young in Georgia / when life coughed its ugliest lessons / The body howls as it lets go of blood / ejaculate / I am far from the faux filth / you covet / I covet the life writhing / between my sprightly toes / larva offspring of another mother / or thousand mothers, sacrificial mothers / droning lullabies that thrum / through my concussed stupor / fooling me into thinking I am anything / more than supper

Katy Mongeau is a writer from Jacksonville, FL. She holds an MFA from Brown University and currently resides in New York. Her work has appeared in Fanzine, Threadcount, PLINTH, Dark Fucking Wizard, and Black Sun Lit digital vestiges. Her debut book of poems entitled Apostasy is available from Black Sun Lit.

*Image credit: Juno Calypso, Photograph from ‘The Salon’, 2018.