everyone a Christ

I’m a Christ apart
stroking my tree
through the copyright
that established me

how the origin of wounds got clout
Adam jams an apple into Eve
their neighbor the snake
in a covetous rage
latches itself between Adam’s legs
and proceeds to grieve
a burly batch of kin
rampant from disruption
serpentine beneath a veil
good news rebuked
their reflections stomped to scale
accidentally cultivating infinitudes

surgical placemat
drawn and quartered where
vespers of mucus dare
negative review my comportment
and the next profile you see
will climb off the screen
and seek revenge for me

each seed on rims
decaled in
the proper sΓ©ance
ends with gore

Sean Kilpatrick is published in Boston Review, Fence, NERVE, Vice, Evergreen Review, and Exquisite Corpse. He blogs at:

*Image credit: Jake and Dinos Chapman, Human Rainbow, 2014.